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Faro Golf Club Hire brings you many benefits to golf club rental, to those looking to spend some quality time on the wonderful golf courses that the Algarve has to offer.

The region of Portugal known as the Algarve is home to something like thirty top-notch golf courses, and with great sunny weather for something close to three hundred days of the year, this is a golfing destination available at pretty much any time of the year.

Golfing enthusiasts, whether young or old, new or veterans, all of them want to play their sport on as many courses as humanly possible, and the Algarve offers a great range and variety of courses within a relatively small area, one can easily reach any one of the couple dozen courses in the region with at a few hours of driving time. But in most cases it will be more like half an hour or so.

Our golf clubs for hire services come into play heavily in this situation, because as all golf lovers will know, investing in their clubs is no cheap proposition, getting some top of the line clubs can imply investing a small fortune, a small fortune that is susceptible to being bent during air travel.

Faro golf club hire is the best option in Algarve

algarve golf club hire

Algarve golf club hire in Faro Airport

But that is not the only benefit of Algarve golf club hire, that is just one of the first ones you think of, you also have to consider the increased carriage costs that taking your club set with you would entail, that can cause a major dent in your budget, not to mention the fact that you’d also be risking your clubs while in transit.

Let’s say that you do travel with your clubs, you’ll still have to lug those oversized things around, and keep in mind that you won’t have a car here to just pop them in the back seat or the trunk. But even if you say, rent a car, you’ll still need space of your other luggage.

With our Faro golf club hire services you’ll be able to pick up your chosen selection of clubs from the airport of your choice – most likely Faro Airport – and then you can be on your way to either the course or wherever.

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